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why you should get matching disney shirts for your family vacation

Now don’t get us wrong, you don’t need to go on vacation or have a real reason to get some CTM Disney family shirts other than you just want some shirts that show off how much you love Disney World. Other than just showing your love of Disney World, there are some really good reasons to get some Disney family vacation shirts for your trip. Below we will break down some of the reasons why Disney family shirts can not only add some magic to your trip but actually makes a lot of practical sense for you and your family when heading to "The World" for vacation.

disney world family shirts help create family unity

This one is pretty simple and easy to understand but by getting matching Disney shirts for your vacation is a great way to show family unity and build comradery. Lest we not forget, the whole point of a Disney World family vacation is, of course, to have fun, but it’s also to help your family grow closer together and make great memories that the whole family will remember for the rest of their lives. Getting matching Disney shirts for your family trip is a great way to help you and your family do just that. Many will get matching shirts for their family vacation based on specific days on their trip when they are visiting a specific park to show their love of certain elements of that park. It could be a character they enjoy, a favorite food item, a ride or just about anything else. Whatever your reason for getting matching Disney World shirts for the family, just keep it fun and something where the whole family will love wearing the shirts while on vacation.

matching shirts help keep track of your family

If you’ve ever been to Disney World, then you will understand this point without question, but in case you weren’t aware, there are a lot of people that go to Disney World for vacation. In fact, more than 50 million people head to the Happiest Place on Earth every year for vacations. So it’s probably a good idea to think about ways to help keep track of your family or group because it is easier than you think to get separated from your party at a place where people come from all over the world to vacation. The level of concern of getting separated on your vacation is dependent on your family but if you have small kids, then it’s definitely a legitimate worry. But if you have teenagers or adults in your family or party, then getting separated is probably more of an annoyance at the time compared to say, a toddler wandering off. Whatever your situation, having Disney family vacation shirts is a great way to help you to be able to pick your family members out of a crowd if you do happen to get separated or, heaven forbid, one of your little ones wonders off. You can help find them quickly by being able to show and tell a park castmember exactly what shirt your family member is wearing which can help them find them even quicker. We know this isn’t a fun topic to discuss when it comes to any family vacation, but it’s something important to think about for any family vacation and plan for a bit before you go.

disney vacation shirts can make your pictures more magical

Part of any Disney World family vacation, or really any vacation is, of course, involves taking pictures – lots and lots of pictures! What better way to make these pictures and memories stand out even more for your family than by having the entire family wear some fun Disney World shirts in your vacation pictures. It’s a great way to take vacation pictures that everybody that has ever been to Disney World has taken, but to put a unique and personalized spin on them with special shirts. They will help you create even more special memories of your vacation that you won't be able to find at any other place in the world that you can share with your family for the rest of your lives.

shirts are a unique keepsake from your disney world vacation

By getting some Disney World family shirts for your trip, you’re also going to have a keepsake for the entire family that will remind them of your great family vacation everytime they wear it or see it. Unlike memories of your resort stay or various ride photos that you may pack away or in the case of us, get lost in the thousands of family photos on our phones, Disney family vacation shirts are wearable anytime and a pleasant reminder of the great time you and your family had and the memories you created.

helps support small shops

This is a little self-serving, admittedly, but most Disney World themed vacation shirts are made by small shops like ours. When you purchase from shops like these, you are helping support these small businesses by helping them grow and create even more unique shirts they can spread all over the world. There is also the fact that Disney World vacation shirts made by small shops aren’t going to be the mass-produced keepsakes and souvenirs that you’ll find at "The World" that everyone else ends up getting on their vacations. Now, there is nothing wrong with getting official Disney World merchandise – heck, we buy them all the time! But it’s still fun to have something from your trip that is truly unique and special that your family can remember and cherish. 

you’ll stand out with the best disney shirts

When you’re wearing unique Disney World vacation shirts in the parks, you’ll definitely stand out and lots of other park goers will comment on or ask where you got your shirt. It’s definitely a cool and fun part of getting some Disney World family shirts. But something that most people don’t talk about is that even castmembers will notice your shirt and in some cases, we’ve even gotten a few extra perks from our family wearing some unique shirts. Whether it’s been a free Fastpass, a little extra something at dinner from our waiter, or just a fun conversation, it adds a little something extra to a trip. Now, this is no guarantee this will happen for you and your family and this doesn’t happen every time we go to the parks, but it has happened enough to us that it’s worth noting.

just showing your love of disney

There may not be any better reason for you and your family to wear some matching Disney World vacation shirts than the fact that you love Disney World and just want to show your love. People that love Disney World are a unique community that has many members, so you’ll find very quickly that you’re in good company at the parks or even in your everyday life wearing some Disney World shirts around town. It’s just a fun way to show your inner Disney World geek even when you're not on vacation. Whether that’s in the parks, at the grocery store or just at the gym, there is no reason one can't wear their Disney World shirts almost every day and spread a little extra magic while doing so.

Want 10% Off Your Order?

Get 10% off your first order of Capture The Magic shirts! All you have to do is enter your email information and we will send you your coupon code right to your inbox