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Welcome to Capture The Magic! If you’re here because of the podcast or just because you are looking at some of our designs we just want to say how grateful we are that you’re here. It goes without saying if you’re at this page then you’re probably wondering just who the heck we are and what we’re all about.

Well this little operation is run by Jamie (me) and my husband Jared. We’ve been married for almost 7 years and of course, we love going to Disney World. I personally have been to Disney World and Disneyland more times than I can count as I’ve been going basically ever since I could walk. My mom grew up going to Disneyland as a child as she lived in California and she passed her love of Disney onto me. As a family all we wanted to do was go to Disney again and were always in some degree of planning our next Disney trip. Now that I’m married and a mother I’m glad that I have someone I can share my love of Disney with and hopefully will pass that on to my daughter as well. 

Jared is a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to Disney as he had been once when he was 14 years old and went somewhat a few more times in his early 20’s as his Dad lived in the Orlando area but didn’t fall in love with it until we went together for the first time in 2013. Jared said the other times he had gone it he had never stayed on property and the trips just weren’t planned out to maximize the fun that could be had in the parks. Now he loves going to Disney World and has become a Disney Fan Boy as he says about the history of Disney and the latest news and rumors about it. 

We started Capture The Magic Apparel because we wanted a way to be in the Disney spirit even though we live in Missouri and aren’t able to go to the parks anytime we want. Designing shirts that people will be wearing in the parks is a great feeling and hopefully on some level helps them enjoy their trip even just a little bit more. It doesn’t replace actually being at Disney but it’s next best thing!

Similar to the apparel side of things, we started Capture The Magic Podcast because we just love talking about Disney. We are always staying up on the latest news, rumors and talking about things we love, things we would change and things we would love to see at Disney. So we figured starting a podast was another great way for us to stay in the Disney spirit and hopefully others will find our conversations entertaining, informative and of course fun.

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