Have you ever traveled to Walt Disney World parks with nothing but a Magicband, cell phone, and ID? Ya, me neither! I would LOVE being able to park hop with no bags, but for most people like me, that’s just not an option. So a common question that people have is what is the best bag for Disney World? This is especially true for parents bringing their young kids into the parks. It’s a good thing that there are so many cute bags out there that would be perfect to bring to Disney World. You will find many options for suitable theme park bags in stores and online, from crossbody bags to messenger bags. BUT, the best bag you can take into Disney World is a backpack.


Your Guide To The Best Bag For Disney World in 2017

I know some may disagree with me on this, but I have my reasons as to why backpacks beat out all other bags at Disney World. Here are a few:

  • Backpacks fit securely on your back – shoulder bags tend to swing a lot, can smack other visitors as you pass them, and, for me, fall off my shoulder on a consistent basis.
  • Backpacks are roomy – Of all the bags that are common at the parks, backpacks can hold to most amount of things. This is helpful for families with a lot of children and need the space for each of their needs.
  • Backpacks usually have multiple compartments – it’s easy to separate items by need or size. I hate having to dig through my bag for something tiny that falls to the bottom.


So agree that backpacks are best, right? My thought on this is that if you are going to go to the trouble to bring a bag anyway, you might as well choose a bag that will hold a lot and is easy to use.


The Best Backpack For Disney World Review

Now we have to choose the best backpack for Disney World. There are TONS of options out there, but I’ve narrowed the field down to my top 5 favorite backpacks. You can find all of these online on Amazon.


5. Jansport Big Student Classic Series Backpack

These backpacks have been around FOREVER! For good reason, too! I know it claims to be for students, but anybody can use this! There are 2 large compartments and 2 small front zippered pockets. The back compartment is padded which is great if you need to carry any electronics or breakable items. The shoulder straps are in an S curved shape, making them ergonomic and more comfortable than straight straps. There’s even a mesh side pocket for carrying water bottles. At less than $50, this bag would be great for the everyday theme park goer. And there are over 40 different designs to choose from!


4. High Sierra Loop Backpack

One word: Compartments! This backpack has a lot of them! There are 3 main zippered compartments that are easy to access and keep your items organized. I like that the zippers have a rubber ball on the ends to grasp easier. It also has a clip on the front pocket that can be used to put keys or another lightweight bag you don’t want to carry. The back panel is padded, has the S shoulder straps, adjustable side compression for extra storage, and mesh side pockets. Although it is marketed toward hikers and campers, I think anyone traveling with babies and small children could use this as a handy diaper with its roomy design and organized pockets. It’s reasonably priced and comes in multiple colors.



3. Oricsson Rate 35L Foldable Water Resistant Backpack

What really stands out to me about this backpack is its simplicity and price. At only $17, the cost is a steal! The material is also very lightweight (only weighs about ¾ lbs) and water resistant, so bring on those Disney water rides! It’s also foldable and comes with a tote to put it in for when you don’t need it! Score! Although it doesn’t have as many large compartments as the other ones of the list, the backpack overall can hold a ton of stuff. There’s also mesh side pockets for bottles or umbrellas, front zippered pockets for holding small items, and mesh holders on the shoulder straps for cell phones, keys, wallets, etc. If you’re on a budget but still a large capacity backpack, this one is for you.


2. Oakley Kitchen Sink Backpack

This backpack is the most expensive on the list, marked at about $140. I would consider this one to be the “heavy duty” backpack. It is wider and deeper than most standard backpacks, but it holds EVERYTHING, hence the “kitchen sink” name. It’s made of part nylon and part polyester, and it is quite durable. Multiple pockets and compartments abound, including a laptop sleeve in the main one. The mesh side zippered pockets are larger than other backpacks, but you can also fit more than just a water bottle in there. The back panel is padded and the shoulder straps provide comfort. Interestingly, there is an additional compartment for shoes! Kind of weird, but could useful on those rainy park days. The only caveat is its weight. Even without any item in the backpack, it still is a little heavy, so be smart about what you have to pack.


1. The North Face Unisex Recon Backpack

North Face is considered a more premium brand, with backpacks costing in the $100 range. But this is for good reason. First of all, the material is nylon, so getting it a little wet is not a huge deal. There are 2 large compartments, with the larger one boasting internal webbing, a secret zippered pocket, and another pocket made of fleece for electronics or hard materials. What I really like is the shoulder straps with the Flex Vent system that have S straps, padded and mesh back, and actually lets air circulate better. This is a bonus in the hot and humid Florida weather! Comes in 15+ colors as well.

I hope that the list I provided gives you a good idea of the types of backpacks out there. These are my favorites right now, but new products are coming out all of the time. Be sure to do your own research and keep in mind what you are needing in a bag. I’m sure you’ll find one you love and are able to enjoy the Disney parks without worrying about what to carry your stuff in.

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